The country has a total of 43 positive cases, with two deaths and 28 active (stable) patients.

Statistics also point to 16 cases of local transmission, with no occurrences in the communities so far.

In order to contain the spread of the pandemic, Angola observes, since 00:00 on Sunday (April 26), the third period of the State of Emergency, to be in effect until 23:59 on 10 May, with 45 consecutive days of isolation Social.

This is the second extension, of 15 days, of the exceptional regime, this time with a lightening of the measures.

O Estado de Emergência foi decretado a 25 de Março, pelo Presidente da República, João Lourenço, após parecer favorável da Assembleia Nacional, e vigorou de 27 de Março a 10 de Abril, tendo sido prorrogado para o período de 11 a 25 do mesmo último mês.