In the framework of the exceptional measures of prevention and containment in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic in Angola, the Minister of Interior, Eugénio Laborinho, called on citizens to avoid population agglomerations, as well as the adoption of biosafety measures, this Tuesday, 14 de Abril, in the Quarantine Center of Barra do Dande, in Bengo.
The person in charge of internal order in the country, started the working visit to the province of Bengo to verify “in loco” the inspection and prevention actions of Covid-19, as well as to maintain a meeting with the local administration, in order to, together, define the best mechanisms to contain this pandemic that affects the whole world.
At the event, Minister Laborinho said that, nevertheless, there are still no cases of Covid-19 within the communities of Bengo, it is imperative to create preconditions for meeting possible positive cases.
It should be noted that the Quarantine Center of Barra do Dande is installed in a hotel unit, has 112 hospital beds, subdivided into two wings, one for isolation and the other for medical treatment, the latter is equipped with fans to face the patients of the COVID-19.
In the same space, it has a decontamination area and a cafeteria, for better accommodation of inmates.
Flanked by the Governor of Bengo Province, Mara Quiosa, the MININT Delegate and Provincial Commander of the National Police in Bengo, Delfim Kalulu Inácio, as well as distinguished members of the MININT Advisory Council and the National Police, also visited the post. control and testing of COVID-19, in Ambriz, a Tuzolana inspection post (where 13 illegal immigrants from the DRC new Coronavirus are being properly implemented.