Of those recovered, according to the Secretary of State for Health, Franco Mufinda, who spoke at the usual press conference to update data, 34 are residents in Luanda, 30 in Cuanza Sul, 18 in Huambo, 5 in Bié and 2 in Huíla, whose ages vary from 2 to 64 years.

Among the new cases, 7 were diagnosed in Luanda, 5 in Huíla, 2 in Zaire and 1 in Huambo.

With ages between 11 to 68 years old, the list includes 8 male and 7 female patients.

Death was recorded in the province of Cuanza Sul, involving a 37-year-old Angolan.

The national staff registers 20,381 cases, with 493 deaths, 18,884 recovered and 1,004 active.

Of the assets, 8 are in critical condition, 7s are severe, 75 are moderate, 79 are mild and 835 are asymptomatic.

The labs processed 1,266 samples by RT-PCR, with a daily positivity rate of 1.2 percent.

In the treatment centers, 169 patients are being monitored, 26 are in institutional quarantine, 26 people and 1,748 positive case contacts are under medical surveillance.Secretary of State for Public Health, Franco Mufinda (Archive)