According to the Secretary of State for Public Health, Franco Mufinda, who spoke at the usual data update session, 32 cases were registered in Huambo, 26 in Lunda Sul, 16 in Luanda, 7 in Cabinda, 5 in Bié, 3 in Uíge , 2 in Cuando Cubango and 1 in Moxico.

Of the new patients, whose ages vary between 3 and 91 years, 49 are male and 43 female.

The four deaths were recorded in Luanda.

Among those recovered, according to Franco Mufinda, 27 are in Luanda, 14 in Cuanza Norte and 6 in Huambo.

In the reporting period, laboratories processed 3,516 samples, with a daily positivity rate of 2.6 percent.

The country has so far recorded 19,269 positive cases, with 17,223 recovered patients, 452 deaths and 1,594 active cases.

Of the assets, 5 are in critical condition, 9 serious, 83 moderate, 95 mild and 1,402 asymptomatic.

192 people are being admitted to treatment centers.