Luanda - The national health authorities registered, in the last 24 hours, 15 more positive cases and two recovered patients.

Fourteen were registered in the province of Luanda and one in Cuanza Norte, the latter is increasing the accounting to 9 positive cases.

The Angolan capital (Luanda) is the focus with 255 positive cases since March, when the country registered the first case of covid-19.

According to the Secretary of State for Public Health, Franco Mufinda, there are 10 cases involving infected citizens undergoing medical treatment in the reference units and five cases without an epidemiological link.

According to Franco Mufinca, who was updating covid-19 data in the country, the number of cases without epidemiological ties increased to 31, forcing health authorities to intensify random testing actions.

The cases of local transmission, according to the official, increased to 193 infected.

The sum of positive cases at country level corresponds to 259 positive cases, 166 active, six of which require special attention from the medical team, 83 recovered and 10 deaths.