The mortal victim is a 35-year-old Angolan who was receiving treatment at the Hospital de Campanha in Viana, with internal comorbidity and had pneumonia that worsened his condition.

In the group of newly infected, 15 are female and 20 male, aged between six and 83 years.

In the province of Luanda, 34 cases were diagnosed, in the municipalities of Belas, Talatonas, Viana, Kilamba Kiaxi and in the urban districts of Ingombota and Maianga. A case imported from Luanda was detected in the municipality of Dande, Bengo province.

Angola has 1,199 confirmed cases, with 55 deaths, 461 recovered and 684 active. Among the assets, 18 are in serious condition and 12 in critical condition with assisted ventilation and 23 moderate.

The testing on the basis of molecular biology has a total of 64,747 tests performed.

Regarding the rapid serological test it counts 38,334, of which 2,290 are reactive.

During the last 24 hours rapid tests were carried out where three reactive cases were found in the province of Bié, 26 in Luanda, six in Lunda Norte, two in Malanje, Moxico and Zaire with one case each.

Health authorities monitor 1,675 suspected cases and 4,132 contacts are under surveillance.

In the forty institutional centers there are 913 people and 52 were discharged in the last 24 hours, 19 in Luanda, 13 in Benguela, nine in Cunene, four in Uíge, three in Cuando Cubango, two in Moxico, one in Huíla and an equal number in Malanje province.