Luanda - Angola recorded, in the last 24 hours, 29 new cases, 16 recovered patients and one death

According to the clinical bulletin, 22 were diagnosed in Luanda, 5 in Huambo, 1 in Cabinda and 1 in Malanje.

Among the new patients, whose ages vary from 2 to 84 years, are 15 males and 14 females.

The death was registered in the province of Luanda, with the victim of a 75-year-old Angolan.

The recovered are all Angolans residing in Luanda.

Angola has a record of 21,055 cases, with 512 deaths, 19,640 recovered and 903 active.

Of the assets, two were in critical condition with invasive mechanical ventilation, 11 severe, 37 moderate, 18 with mild symptoms and 835 asymptomatic.

National laboratories processed, in the last 24 hours, 915 samples.

Inpatient centers are treating 61 patients, while 43 people are in institutional quarantine centers.

Health authorities keep 1,409 positive case contacts under epidemiological surveillance.