Luanda - Angola recorded, in the last 24 hours, 88 new infections, 1 death and the recovery of 14 patients, in the last 24 hours.

The data appear in the daily clinical bulletin, which points out the diagnosis of 79 cases in Luanda, 7 in Cabinda, 2 in Zaire and 1 in Bengo.

Among the new cases, whose ages vary from 2 months to 89 years, are 59 males and 29 females.

The death involves an 80-year-old Angolan citizen, residing in the province of Luanda.

The recovered patients all live in the province of Luanda.

The general picture of the country indicates 22,399 positive cases, with 538 deaths, 20,507 recovered and 1,354 active. Of the assets, 6 were in critical condition, 6 were severe, 42 were moderate, 25 were mild and 1,275 were asymptomatic.

In detention centers are 79 people, in institutional quarantine 26 people.

The authorities have 1,500 positive case contacts under medical surveillance.

In the laboratories, 1,510 samples were processed.Covid-19 patients undergoing treatment at km29