Luanda - Angola recorded, in the last 24 hours, 84 new infections, 3 deaths and 33 recovered patients.

According to the health bulletin, 78 new patients were diagnosed in Luanda, 2 in Huambo, 2 in Cabinda, 1 in Benguela and 1 in Bié.

Among the new patients, whose ages vary from 15 days to 91 years, are 48 males and 36 females.

Deaths, involving Angolan citizens, were recorded in Luanda, with 2, and in Huíla, with 1.

Of those recovered, 28 live in Luanda, 4 in Huambo and 1 in Lunda Norte.

The overall picture of the country indicates 21,642 positive cases, with 524 deaths, 20,065 recovered and 1,053 active. Of the assets, 8 were in critical condition, 13 were severe, 32 were moderate, 39 were mild and 961 were asymptomatic.

In detention centers there are 92 people, in institutional quarantine there are 104 people.

The authorities have under medical supervision 1,456 contacts of positive cases.

Medical teams processed 1,340 samples.

Vaccine against Covid-19