Luanda - The Angolan health authorities announced, this Saturday, the registration of 79 new infections, 66 recovered patients and three deaths, in the last 24 hours.

According to the Secretary of State for Public Health, Franco Mufinda, who spoke at the usual Covid-19 data update session in the country, 41 new cases were diagnosed in Luanda, 16 in Cuando Cubango, 13 in Cuanza Norte, six in Huambo and one each in Bengo, Cabinda and Uíge.

The list of new patients, whose ages range from two months to 70 years old, is made up of 46 males and 33 females.

He informed that 66 patients were recovered, 63 from Luanda, two from Benguela and one from Lunda Sul, aged between four and 63 years.

Regarding deaths, Franco Mufinda informed that there are three male Angolans, two residents in Zaire and one in Uíge, aged between 63 and 68 years.

Angola has a record of 15,087 cases, with 345 deaths, 7,763 recovered and 6,979 active.

Of the assets, six are in critical condition with invasive mechanical ventilation, 16 severe, 174 moderate, 176 with mild symptoms and 6,607 asymptomatic.

Health authorities follow 372 patients admitted to treatment centers in the country.