Luanda - Angola recorded, in the last 24 hours, 77 new cases, 61 recovered patients and one death.

According to the national epidemiological bulletin, 39 cases were diagnosed in Luanda, 21 in Moxico, 8 in Bié, 6 in Huambo, 2 in Benguela and 1 in Cuanza Sul.

Among the new patients, whose ages range from 8 to 81 years old, are 54 males and 23 females.

Death was registered in Huambo province.

Of those recovered, 20 are in Cuanza Sul, 18 in Huambo, 12 in Zaire, 4 in Lunda Norte, 4 in Lunda Sul, 2 in Bié and 1 in Luanda, with ages ranging from 6 to 72 years.

Angola has 19,553 positive cases, with 462 deaths, 17,388 recovered and 1,703 assets.

Of the assets, three are in critical condition, 9 severe, 83 moderate, 95 with mild symptoms and 1,511 asymptomatic.

In the treatment centers there are 192 inpatients, while 120 citizens are in institutional quarantine and 2,500 contacts under surveillance.

The laboratories processed 1,708 samples on the basis of molecular biology (RT-PCR).

Two people left the quarantine centers, one in Bié and one in Cuando Cubango.


Covid-19 illustration