Luanda - The health authorities reported, on Sunday, the registration of 37 new cases, 1 death and 5 recovered patients.

As the health report, 34 cases were diagnosed in Luanda and 3 in Zaire province, involving 28 male and 9 female citizens.

The new patients range in age from 4 to 69 nine years old.

The recovered patients reside in Luanda.

The death, on the other hand, involves a citizen of Portuguese nationality, 60 years of age, residing in Luanda.

The overall picture of the country indicates 21,733 positive cases, with 527 deaths, 20,073 recovered and 1,102 active. Of the assets, 9 were in critical condition, 13 were severe, 38 moderate, 36 mild and 1,037 asymptomatic.

In detention centers are 96 people, in institutional quarantine are 111 people.

The authorities have 1,537 positive case contacts under medical surveillance.

Medical teams processed 857 samples.


Covid-19 illustration