Installed in Luanda, more than three years ago, the Molecular Biology laboratory was, last March, authorized by the World Health Organization (WHO) to carry out tests of the new Coronavirus (Covid-19), to help the pandemic that the world faces .

According to the spokesperson of the Interministerial Commission for Response to the new Coronavirus, so far, the laboratory has processed 1094 samples, resulting in the 19 positive cases that the country recorded, and another 165 in processing.

“From the second fortnight on, we will increase the capacity of the tests. We have already placed orders and, within days, have the reagents in the country to make more centralized textiles, ”he said, adding that other biosafety equipment will arrive in the same period.

Speaking at the usual press conference to update data, he assured that all this equipment will be acquired through reliable companies to avoid the acquisition of false material, as, moreover, it is happening around the world.

Still in this perspective, Sílvia Lutucuta informed that the country also has the WHO “guarantee” to use Tuberculosis testing equipment for Covid - 19, whose equipment is installed in 15 of the country's 18 provinces.