Truck drivers have breached the barrier placed along roads that go mainly to the north and center of the country and, in addition to taking only necessary goods, as established by the Presidential Decree, these have been transporting people in violation of the statute.

According to the Na Mira do Crime website, the young lotors who previously worked in the vehicles that usually park at the Km 30 stop have been contacting the truck drivers in secret so that they can take two or three people on time.

“There are 28 thousand kwanzas for Saurimo, 25 for Dundo and 12 for Malanje. For Kwanza Norte you can cost 10 bucks ”, said a young man who was taking a lady to one of the trucks parked there.

Way to “pierce” the barriers

According to the lotador, there is greater difficulty is to pass the control of Maria Teresa. “The maka is just Maria Teresa, then everything is free. When arriving at the constructions, the passenger gets off before, the car passes and then she goes ahead and goes back up ”, she revealed.

This practice can put at risk the struggle that the government has implemented, with a view to not having the infection by the Coronavirus community in the country, since the mass test of Covid-19 is not yet done.