Luanda - The Angolan health authorities registered, in the last 24 hours, 75 new positive cases of covid-19, 109 recovered and three deaths.


In making the daily update of Covid-19 data in the country, the Secretary of State for Public Health, Franco Mufinda, of the newly infected, whose ages vary between three months to 72 years, 43 are male and 32 female.

Of the respective positive cases, 42 were diagnosed in Luanda, 16 in Zaire, eight in Huambo, Uíge and Bié with two cases each, while Bengo, Cuanza Norte, Cuanza Sul, Benguela and Lunda Sul reported one case each.

As for the recovered, 33 were registered in the province of Lunda Norte, 27 in Huíla, 22 in Huambo, 21 in Luanda, four in Cuanza Sul, two in Benguela, aged between 1 and 63 years.

The three deaths were reported in the province of Zaire, two of which were male and one female, aged 39, 44 and 56 years, respectively.

With these data, Angola has a total of 15,804 positive cases, of which 358 deaths, 8,579 recovered and 6,867 active.

Of the set of assets, five are in critical condition, six are severe, 90 moderate, 131 mild and 6,635 asymptomatic.

The country's treatment centers monitor 232 patients.